Go Dreamer, “Outta Here” (Prod. by The Flush) MP3


“Outta Here” is the first single from an upcoming “concept project” of Atlanta’s Go Dreamer, the longtime rapper now best known as one third of production group The Flush (recently responsible for “CPU” and “Mama Told Me,” some of the most compulsively re-playable tracks on Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors). Over a spotless foundation of rapid-fire claps, bulldog growls and strobing UFO noise, the track re-deploys the spaceship imagery and peacock flaunting of Go Dreamer’s early-oughts group, Hollyweerd, an underground sound as fresh and interesting now as it was then. Animals Vs. Machines Side 2: (M)achines drops in February.

Download: Go Dreamer, “Outta Here” (Prod. by The Flush)

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  1. Nacey says:

    This song is amazing…. finally some swag from Atlanta.

  2. Nick Ballard says:

    I did’nt believe this #NewAtlanta thing was really. But this song is making me a believer. Great Job.

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  4. Skoke says:

    this shit is so hot! godreamer is bout to blow up! eerrrrrone needs to get on that shit! it is the best

  5. angela says:

    damn this shit is off the hook

  6. Nick Mosley says:

    #NewAtlanta my jam

  7. Next Level says:

    #NewAtlanta Git wid it

  8. TheOne says:

    Shit is jammin! Catch up to New Atlanta or get left with Crunk!

  9. Profit says:

    This shit is dope, Dreamer did his thing on this… The Flush killed the beat too.. #NewAtlanta

  10. this shit is slamming, no fugazi

  11. the cool says:

    Banging trk !

  12. Pablo says:

    Nice!!!! Dope beat from the flush #OuttaHere

  13. A-1 The SuperGroup says:

    Go Dreamer Go! Outta Here is Super! proud to be apart of the New Atlanta movement. shoutout the Flush!
    keep em coming. this your Year.

  14. KazaamSlamGotDamn says:

    the beat is dope. the lyrics remind me of an old school dungeon family flow. keep doing ya thing.

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