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Go Dreamer, "Outta Here" (Prod. by The Flush) MP3

"Outta Here" is the first single from an upcoming "concept project" of Atlanta's Go Dreamer, the longtime rapper now best known as one third of production group The Flush (recently responsible for "CPU" and "Mama Told Me," some of the most compulsively re-playable tracks on Big Boi's Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors). Over a spotless foundation of rapid-fire claps, bulldog growls and strobing UFO noise, the track re-deploys the spaceship imagery and peacock flaunting of Go Dreamer's early-oughts group, Hollyweerd, an underground sound as fresh and interesting now as it was then. Animals Vs. Machines Side 2: (M)achines drops in February.

Download: Go Dreamer, "Outta Here" (Prod. by The Flush)

Go Dreamer, "Outta Here" (Prod. by The Flush) MP3