Stream: Pete Swanson, “Life Ends at 30″


Pete Swanson, formerly of Yellow Swans, made an excellent under the radar jammer for Type with his album Man With Potential (it also featured an killer self portrait of sorts for its cover art). He’s now signed to Mexican Summer offshoot Software and announced a followup EP, Punk Authority, out March 12th. The depressingly titled song “Life Ends at 30,” which could have an excellent dialogue with Nathan Heller’s New Yorker essay about life in your 20s, is a pummeling 13-minute track of noise and techno crossing over. There’s also a neat four-minute version for its video, featuring a bunch of cascading triangles that are probably what you see when you die at 30.

Stream: Pete Swanson, “Life Ends at 30″

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