Stream: Lindstrom and Todd Terje, “Lanzarote”


It’s hard not to look at the recent output of both Lindstrom and Todd Terje and feel like it’s a reaction. Both artists have been making sun bleached disco epics that span multiple movements and owe as much to late nights in Norwegian clubs as they do gardening and sitting in a rocking chair. Which is a long way of saying that both artists specialize in music that sounds nice while also probing the outer reaches of texture and huge, proggy ideas (Terje’s “Inspector Norse” adeptly explores this idea). In the face of so much dark electronic music, “Lanzarote” sounds like rainbows and triumph, the soundtrack to winning a marathon/bike race/war between rival summer camps. Midway through the track, the artists create a kind of endlessly spiraling synth feedback loop, layers building and weaving until you can’t remember where you started. By the time the vocals come in (this is mostly a song about wanting to go places), you’ll be completely lost in the best way possible.

Stream: Lindstrom and Todd Terje, “Lanzarote”

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