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Stream Milk Teddy's Album Zingers


Way back in the olden times of November 2012, Australian band Milk Teddy released Zingers a ramshackle guitar pop album that owes as much to the, um, ramshackle guitar pop scene in New Zealand as it does to The Feelies and the sort of mindboggling, hey-check-out-what-I-made-before-you-even-got-up-this-morning vibe that so many bands hope to reach but rarely do. Basically, Zingers is an album for moping around your house. It feels designed to be re-discovered (or, if you're like me and "late" to the party, just discover it for the first time). Do you ever have a day where you're flipping through your own records and you come across something that you haven't listened to in awhile and it sounds like a revelation? At once both familiar and completely new. Zingers can be that album. The guitars jangle, the vocals sound half-asleep, and when the harmonica on album closer "Come Around" kicks in, everything feels exactly as it should be.

Stream: Zingers

Stream Milk Teddy's Album Zingers