Chief Keef Sentenced to 60-Day Detention


Chief Keef has been sentenced to 60 days in juvenile detention. The Chicago Sun Times reports that Keef pleaded against judge Carl Anthony Walker’s ruling in court, “breaking down into tears several times.” (Peeda Pan, one of Keef’s mangers, says there was no crying.) Keef was taken into custody earlier this week after a judge ruled that a June video shoot, where Keef handled a firearm during a gun range visit with Pitchfork, violated the terms of his probation.

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  1. Jimmie says:

    This boy is on pace to be dead before age 30. Sad really. Very very sad.

  2. Triilium says:


  3. Liveurlife Thisyear says:

    Chief Keef attacked LUPE FIASCO(Chief didn’t own up 2 it). LUPE who can cry over the LIVES and DEATHS of his brothers, BUT who do U cry 4 Chief Keef ? WHY, Chief Keef of course, AND OVER 2 MONTHS IN JUVENILE DETENTION!!! GIRLZ don’t want 2 be seen beggin’ and cryin’ over that!!!

  4. Jerrod says:

    He’s a talented kid but he’s still just a kid. We shouldn’t treat him like he’s some kind of violent new hybrid of goon. If I had that kind of access to money, p*ssy, drugs and travel at his age I would have been a world-class train wreck. But I was just a jackass looking for a kegger and maybe a handjob from a hoodrat at my rural college. It makes it easy to judge since most of our lifestyles weren’t turned up to ’10′ like his. I just hope he keeps making music.

  5. C'mon homie we major says: – - – Your welcome :)

  6. Parliament Fiji says:

    He’s really not doing anything for anyone but himself, his music is pretty terrible anyway. He needs to learn some manners and some damned patience. Englewood isn’t some cute fairy tale if you didn’t know, I wouldn’t be surprised by an extensive rap sheet, and I’m not talking lyrics. That’s what he was raised in though, that’s what he knows. He’s not a front like most of the other tough guy rappers out there, but his music is tasteless and pop rap if it’s ever been done before.