Watch Beyoncé Do the National Anthem at the Presidential Inauguration

Update 1/22/2013: In a development which makes her earpiece-ripping-out that much weirder and grander, it seems Beyoncé’s performance yesterday was too good to be true. Bey lip-synced “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Obama’s second inauguration, The Times reports. “She was lip-syncing to a pre-recorded backing track,” they say, adding that, according to a Marine Corps band spokeswoman, that’s “standard procedure.”


Beyoncé closed out today’s Presidential Inauguration with a belted rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. Watch her rip out her in-ear monitor and masterfully flip proof into prooooooof at 1:05, above.

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  1. my boy barack says:

    the boy barack really went in for that kiss on the cheek at the end!