Stream: Chelsea Wolfe, “Flatlands (Lust For Youth Remix)”


When it came out last year, “Flatlands” saw the notoriously macabre Chelsea Wolfe literally bowing down before the altar of less is more, lyrically expressing her desire for the simpler things in life (a stretch of landscape, the feeling of being held tight by another person) against a barren backdrop of acoustic guitar and swollen strings. It was one of the most affecting songs from the LA songwriters’ Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs, and it spoke to her ability to be really creepy with little more than her voice and her words. With his palette of wonky synths and terse rhythmics, Lust For Youth blunts a good deal of that lyrical impact, but Wolfe’s melody reveals itself to be surprisingly dance-floor appropriate. Grab a copy of Unknown Rooms via Sargent House, and check out Lust For Youth’s recent Growing Seeds LP on Sacred Bones.

Stream: Chelsea Wolfe, “Flatlands (Lust For Youth Remix)”

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  1. Roj says:

    I think this is a better take on reworking Chelsea Wolfe’s song Flatlands