Stream: Maria Minerva, “Black Magick”


Hazy grooves and looped sonic measures command Euro-trotting starlet Maria Minerva’s bewitching “Black Magick,” the first we’ve heard from her new BLESS EP, due April 2nd via 100% Silk. Delicate vocals cavort over Minerva’s nostalgic vibrations, with clunky bass and quick hand claps. Boy, what you do to me is black magic/ I die every night in your arms, she sings, a cheeky declaration consistent with the lyrics found on her past records. For more, read her 2012 GEN F profile.

Stream: Maria Minerva, “Black Magick”

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  1. scone says:

    Love the vocals but don’t rate the production.

  2. Lippy C says:

    Are you kidding me with this???? She’s all out of tune – this is doody, son.

  3. edward s says:

    she is the hot new thing, just wait

  4. whatofit says:

    tune got nuthin to do with shit. I D I O T Z

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