Birkwin Jersey f. Vienna, “We Don’t Go To Dances” MP3


Lord, what a sweet, out-of-nowhere track. These are all new names around here, so here’s the simple family tree: Birkwin Jersey is the alias of Brighton’s Graeme Coop, and here he enlists vocals from regular collaborator Vienna; the pair make up two-thirds of the group Partpanda. On “We Don’t Go To Dances,” there’s a clear comfort between the two, found in the nonchalance in Vienna’s weathered talk-sing, like she’s recording from an old couch next to an old friend to whom she’s got nothing to prove. Birkwin Jersey’s new album, Between the Weather and the Sea, comes out February 5th via Absent Fever, who’ll put it up as a free download, and DZ Tapes, who’ll offer a limited run of cassettes.

Download: Birkwin Jersey f. Vienna, “We Don’t Go To Dances”

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  2. PartPanda Fan says:

    Exactly what you want to wake upto in the morning, someone sign these guys up!!!