Stream: Secret Circuit, “Afterlife”


Eddie Ruscha used to be in Medicine, an overlooked, dark shoegaze act that Captured Tracks recently reissued. Listening to his work as Secret Circuit, though, you wouldn’t know it. For a while now, Ruscha’s been making zonked-out dance music with analog synths and drum machines, and you can definitely tell. Listening to “Afterlife,” you might as well be staring at a tangle of wires and pastel lights with Ruscha tottering away in the background, creating hypnotically rigid electronic music that works the angles of repetition so hard that the whole thing starts to come loose from its structure and turn into something more free. It’s often transcendent, and points to the kind of lifestyle that probably involves cracking beers and smoking joints on a sun deck at 7AM and feeling really great about it. Failing that, though, you could always pick up this cassette of his that comes with rolling papers while you wait for his upcoming Tactile Galactics, which is out April 29th on Beats In Space. The “Afterlife” 12-inch is available right now.

Stream: Secret Circuit, “Afterlife”

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