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Stream: Hints, Volume II


You know how SoundCloud does that new thing where after your stream is done, it just goes to the next thing on that page and immediately starts playing it without even asking you, and you have to spend multiple precious internet seconds frantically looking for the pause button, while wondering if maybe it's coming from a different tab or pop-up window or who even knows? The internet is stressful. Listening to the music of Brooklyn's Hints, which is straightforward, bouncy downer-rock in the tradition of—who else!—The Smiths, this isn't actually a problem. While they might be wearing some of their influences on their sleeves (those lilting, wise vocals), they're also doing what they do really well. Well enough, in fact, that once Vol. II stopped and more Hints material started coming, it seemed like a perfectly good idea to keep listening.

Stream: Hints, Volume II

Posted: January 31, 2013
Stream: Hints, Volume II