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Download The Underachievers' Indigoism Mixtape


Indigoism is the first tape from The Underachievers, the duo of rappers Ak and Issa Dash that signed with Flying Lotus' LA-based Brainfeeder label last summer after a string of widely-viewed, home-baked YouTube singles. Over musty piano and flute-laced beats, Ak and Dash muse nimbly about their "elevated" lifestyle, their boasts littered with allusions to mediation, LSD, blue-purplish weed and third eyes. (On "Potion Number 25" they ask outright not to be called hippies, and instead, recognized as happy weed enthusiasts.) It's really nice to hear a Cody ChesnuTT sample in 2013—clips of The Headphone Masterpiece's "Serve This Royalty" are employed early, on "Revelations." Stream and download below, followed by videos for two Indigoism tracks: this week's "The Mahdi" and last year's "Gold Soul Theory," the track that caught FlyLo's attention.

Download: The Underachievers, Indigoism

Download The Underachievers' Indigoism Mixtape