Download My Bloody Valentine’s First Album in 22 Years

February 02, 2013

Update 2/5/2013: Stream the album above, via the band's YouTube.

If you can get their website to work, that is. Frontman Kevin Shields first talked up the very long awaited album last year in an interview with NME. This evening, via Facebook, the band surprise-announced the mbv LP's availability on their website, promptly overloading their homepage's server. So, yeah, it's out there somewhere. We'll keep refreshing. In the meantime, a petition has been circulated: "Whereas the My Bloody Valentine website isn't working and there's a new record on it, we the people hereby petition the Obama administration to make it work again." To kill some time while Kevin Shields curses out his web host, check out our optimistic preview of 2013, a run-down of other album's were eager to hear this year.

Download: My Bloody Valentine's mbv LP

1. She Found Now
2. Only Tomorrow
3. Who Sees You
4. Is This and Yes
5. If I Am
6. New You
7. In Another Way
8. Nothing Is
9. Wonder 2

Download My Bloody Valentine’s First Album in 22 Years