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Polly Scattergood, "Wanderlust" MP3

photographer Frank Bauer

Following the unfortunately named but captivating "Disco Damaged Kid," posted to YouTube in November, "Wanderlust" is the first proper single from Polly Scattergood's sophomore album, Arrows, out in June via Mute. The song starts with something like the sound of a UFO landing, then launches into a full-on electro ballad, a fittingly tough-sounding techno-vehicle to carry Polly Scattergood's wispy phantom of a voice. The instrumentation is more conventionally pop than her 2009 debut, and it suits her well. The "Wanderlust" single will feature two exciting remixes, by Charli XCX and How to Dress Well.

Download: Polly Scattergood, "Wanderlust"

Polly Scattergood, "Wanderlust" MP3