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Stream: Black Dave, "Muthafuck My Enemies"


Back in November, we shared the fun, NYC-centric video for "On Da Map," the debut track by pro-skateboarder-turned-MC Black Dave. His latest single, "Muthafuck My Enemies," is less genial, with Dave rapping lines like Fill it in a basin/ Them lyrics burn your face off/ Stingy motherfucker, over a slightly menacing backbeat. We're told an official video for the song is imminent, directed by Jason Ano, the dude who made the clip for ASAP Rocky's "Purple Swag". Get aquatinted with the track, streaming below, because it's likely we'll be seeing a lot more of Black Dave, and soon.

Stream: Black Dave, "Muthafuck My Enemies"

Posted: February 04, 2013
Stream: Black Dave, "Muthafuck My Enemies"