Stream: Psychic Twin, “Strangers”


Name-wise, the Chicago duo comprised of vocalist Erin Fein and multi-instrumentalist Brett Sanderson has kind of an enigmatic origin story. While writing some preliminary material for the group, Fein would double and harmonize over her own vocals quite a bit, and became haunted by the feeling that she was making music with her own twin. Psychic Twin has a 7″ coming out, and “Strangers,” the A-side, is a pretty gorgeous example of a voice dueling with itself, albeit in a very effects-swamped, liltingly pentatonic, underwater kind of way. Factor in Sanderson’s motorik pulses and arpeggios, and you’ve got a compulsively listenable gem of a synth pop anthem. Strangers 7″ comes out March 5th digitally, and April 2nd on white vinyl via Polyvinyl.

Stream: Psychic Twin, “Strangers”

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  1. Charles G. says:

    Maybe it’s just me but this sounds VERY similar to the other songs I’ve heard from Psychic Twin, and while they’re all okay to bob your head along to while you do something else, as soon as you pay attention you realize there’s nothing of any substance there. I mean, just play the song for 30 seconds and then skip it to ANY other point in the track – it almost sounds like you didn’t move the slider at all. That’s just lazy song writing.

    And when did “listenable” become a term of praise? I don’t think “edible” is considered to be a particularly praise-worthy summation of a meal. I would say “listenable” imparts a similar lack of enthusiasm.

  2. Timothious says:

    Charles, I’m afraid it’s just you. Or perhaps it’s just me, but this sounds VERY different from the other songs I’ve heard from them. I think you’re confusing a lack of substance with lack of hyperbolic variation, which is something that few artists can achieve (see Animal Collective) but many painfully force. For me, the strength of Psychic Twin songs (this one, in particular) is that they aren’t in a rush to in force a new variation into the song every 30 seconds — God forbid we have songs that don’t comply with the standards of auditory ADD!!
    Instead, in a somewhat undulating fashion, they introduce variations via sound layering. Personally, I much prefer to ride each wave of sound out, surfing smoothly and enjoyably to the next wave that’s subsumed and built on the sounds of its predecessor. To mislabel the music ‘lazy song writing’ is simply a result of lazy listening — like watching the ocean or the sky and saying, ‘there’s nothing happening.’

    If anything, I think this is what Psychic Twin gets right what most synth pop groups get wrong: there no need rush anything; effective layering (and affective listening) takes time; and time is a good thing because it gives you time to get a feel of how each sound is working and interacting; and, obviously, it gives you time to dance.

    Their concert in Williamsburg last week (which I happened to attend) featured a good bit of music to dance to;
    and if the response from the crowd is an indicator of where the group is going then I think we can expect (or I can hope) to hear more from Psychic Twin soon.

  3. AndyMan says:

    I agree with you, Timothious. Every time I hear these guys their sound gets clearer and more refined. This is a great step in the creative, exploratory direction just from the last couple of singles that they released. The intro on this tune, and the layering that follow, showcase their great production and Erin’s melodic creativity. I’m listening to this as I write, and I’m getting excited for a full length.