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Video: Short Stories (Koreless and Sampha), "On The Way"

Sampha is clearly somewhat of a romantic. He was once involved in the release of a heart-shaped 12-inch on Valentine's Day, and his music has a warmth and innocence to it that comes so naturally it couldn't be faked. Now, in suspiciously close proximity to Valentine's Day, he's teamed up with Koreless as Short Stories for "On The Way," a song that bounces and fizzles dreamily. It sounds like living inside a cloud and/or eating your way through a marshmallow from the inside out. The video is appropriately homespun, mostly featuring the duo playing fake instruments and popping balloons with reckless abandon. Get the 12-inch from Young Turks right here.

Video: Short Stories (Koreless and Sampha), "On The Way"