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Stream: Rollin Hunt, "Beautiful Park"


LA by way of Chicago artist Rollin Hunt’s "Beautiful Park," sounds like music for sunrises. Not in an overly positive, "behold the majesty of nature" way, but more because the song is so lush and ominous, built on otherworldly electronics and cascading keys, both afraid and accepting of what's to come. Hunt's vocals are hushed and dried out, like he's just woken up or is just about to go to sleep, but isn't fully there. It's an immersive track that feels like it could exist just fine as an acoustic piece, but works so much better in the form it is here: roiling and unsettling with a dark undercurrent. Rollin Hunt's The Phoney will be out April 30th on Moniker Records.

Stream: Rollin Hunt, "Beautiful Park"

Posted: February 07, 2013
Stream: Rollin Hunt, "Beautiful Park"