Video: Maxmillion Dunbar, “Loving the Drift”

Andrew Field-Pickering’s work as Maxmillion Dunbar has ping-ponged through electronic music’s vast network of subgenres, hitting zonked-out, late-night house, jumping into rough-edged lo-fi, experimental work and beyond. His latest album, House of Woo (out Feb. 19th on RVNG), is his most gorgeous and full-bodied yet. Field-Pickering’s got a massive record collection, and his genuine enthusiasm for electronic music (and really, music as a whole) is unmatched. This Aurora Halal-directed video for “Loving the Drift” captures that vibe in its all colorful glory, but it’s the song that really stands out, with its endless synth washes glide over clipped hi-hats and stuttered bass. It’s not minimal, but Field-Pickering never over does it; he lets the track breathe naturally, with a life of its own.

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