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Stream: Brendan Codey, "Twin Chimney"


In the middle of "Twin Chimney," this fractured guitar solo rises above everything else just slightly. It's not especially different from what's been happening the rest of the song, but it feels more urgent and direct. Philadelphia's Brendan Codey is good at creating these moments of down-to-earth instrumental honesty that are less about what he's saying than how the whole song comes across. In this case, "Twin Chimney" is fractured but not remotely destroyed, a robust, lilting track that piles layers of woven guitars together in a semi-drunken heap. Codey's new tape, Twin Chimney, is out soon on Marmara Records.

Stream: Brendan Codey, "Twin Chimney"

Posted: February 11, 2013
Stream: Brendan Codey, "Twin Chimney"