Download Classixx’s Immaculate Selections Mix

February 14, 2013

Rather than just rehashing how mushy you'll feel listening to this Valentine's special from the soft-touch LA DJ duo Classixx, we asked the fellas to tell us stories of true love. Read Michael David's very sweet reply while you download the mix below.

Michael David:

We spend a lot of time away from home, and it gets difficult because I'm married. Sometimes, after a long stretch, I'll see a couple being affectionate at the airport and I'll find myself fixated and really torn up about it. I once saw a middle-aged couple at Narita Airport in Japan. The husband was laying in his wife's lap as she was running her hands through is hair. I kept on fixedly looking and I could feel my wife rubbing my hair, and it really helped me. I have a small staring problem.

Tyler and I take an annual camping trip with our friends. Last July, we went to Catalina for a few days. It's an island off the coast of LA. We all took mushrooms and walked to a peak overlooking the water. Everything was pink and shimmering. It reminded me of those framed, backlit settings of paradise you see in South Asian restaurants. We got back to our camp, and our friend Ron put this stuff called Mystical Fire on the flames of our bonfire. It turned a million different colors and we all severely tripped out. Most of us went our separate ways. I think people expect revelations on mushrooms, but all I could think about was my wife and my dog. Tyler had a really bad trip and I had to help bring him back to earth. My wife does that for me on a daily basis. This mix is dedicated to her.

Download: Classixx's Immaculate Selections Mix

1. Tangerine Dream - The Dream Is Always The Same
2. Unit Black Flight - Night Raiders
3. Tropics - Give It Up
4. Groundislava - Weekend In The Tropics
5. Human League - Human (Instrumental)
6. --
7. James Welsh - The Way
8. Toro y Moi - Rose Quartz
9. Falty DL - Straight & Arrow
10. Classixx - Holding On (Acapella)/ Aphex Twin - Xtal
11. Madonna - Live To Tell (At Close Range Extended Instrumental)
12. Tiger & Woods - Pitch
13. Mano Le Tough - Take It Back
14. Moony Me - Confused
15. Akufen - Skidoos
16. Presets - It's Cool
17. Classixx - Borderline
18. Jacques Renault - Back To You (Paradis Remix)
19. Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love
20. Tangerine Dream - Love On A Real Train

Download Classixx’s Immaculate Selections Mix