New York Fashion Week: Luar Zepol

photographer Sam Clarke
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    Picking up on some of the apocalyptic bodings that pretty much all of us are feeling these days, Momofuku restaurant's magazine Lucky Peach recently put out an issue dedicated to the fall of civilization, giving you tips on where to forage for honey even after nuclear fallout and how to ferment food so that it never spoils if you don't have refrigeration. Scary stuff, but perhaps practical and right on the money. Lately, a few designers have been needling these issues as well. On Sunday, Hood By Air had a zombie wandering the runway with strobe lights for teeth and Eckhaus Latta showed a collection of loosely sewed chunks of synthetic fabric that looked like the kind of clothes that future refugees could hobble together from all the 21st-century artificial materials that never decomposed. Just yesterday, Luar Zepol did a take on cybernetics with models sporting wires taped into their hair and shirts that looked like Frankenstein mash-ups of heat-retaining polar fleece and more traditional cottons. The future might not be bright, but at least it's stylish.

    Read more about Luar Zepol in our 2011 feature on the Domincan-based, New York native designer.

    New York Fashion Week: Luar Zepol