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Stream: Nü Sensae, "Throw"

From what I can hear through the screaming, the lyrics in Nü Sensae's latest single revolve mostly around the proclamation, I want to give it to you. I'm not exactly sure what lead singer and bassist Andrea Lukic is referring to here—her body? An angry reckoning?-- but it's one of those cases where a song becomes all the more powerful because you can't tell whether it's coming from a place of crushing longing or abyssal rage. On this day of pink cupcakes and heart-shaped pencil erasers, it's nice to hear some good old fashioned unchained Id, though this Vancouver trio seems way too cool to give a damn about that kind of coincidence. "Throw" is a track from Nü Sensae's forthcoming split seven-inch with The Coathangers, which is out March 5th via Suicide Squeeze.

Stream: Nü Sensae, "Throw"