Stream: Nü Sensae, “Throw”

From what I can hear through the screaming, the lyrics in Nü Sensae‘s latest single revolve mostly around the proclamation, I want to give it to you. I’m not exactly sure what lead singer and bassist Andrea Lukic is referring to here—her body? An angry reckoning?– but it’s one of those cases where a song becomes all the more powerful because you can’t tell whether it’s coming from a place of crushing longing or abyssal rage. On this day of pink cupcakes and heart-shaped pencil erasers, it’s nice to hear some good old fashioned unchained Id, though this Vancouver trio seems way too cool to give a damn about that kind of coincidence. “Throw” is a track from Nü Sensae’s forthcoming split seven-inch with The Coathangers, which is out March 5th via Suicide Squeeze.

POSTED February 14, 2013 1:20PM IN MP3 / STREAMS




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