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Stream: Julia Holter, "Chiamami Adesso (Paolo Conte cover)"


Over the weekend, Julia Holter uploaded a cover of a song by Paolo Conte, the scratchy-throated singer whose most famous number, "Via con me," is probably one of the most iconic Italian restaurant movie anthems ever made. The foreign language aspect not withstanding, "Chiamami Adesso" would seem an oddly lyrics-based choice for a musician known best for her instrumental arrangements, but structurally speaking, it's a beautiful song, and Holter's string swells and psych-y drum fills add a welcome touch of theater. Hear some other stand-alone Holter gems on her SoundCloud, and learn more about the Los Angeles composer by reading our GEN F Profile.

Julia Holter, "Chiamami Adesso (Paolo Conte cover)"

Posted: February 18, 2013
Stream: Julia Holter, "Chiamami Adesso (Paolo Conte cover)"