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Stream Snasen's Failing Upwards EP

Trying to stay on top of electronic music's constant shifts and micro-scenes and remixes and European white labels is a full-time job that is heavily reliant on moving forward while hopefully absorbing the key tracks that really move you. As with any other genre, though, it's always nice to come across an unassuming release that you can really burrow into. Snasen’s Failing Upwards EP is great for that. It's not reinventing the genre, but it's playing with its tropes—ambient warmth, moments of slow darkness that build into beautiful catharsis, perfectly placed drum sounds—in such a satisfying way that, by the time you get to the uneasy, off-kilter "You Have My Soul and I have Your Money," Snasen's music feels not only rich, but worth returning to. Failing Upwards is out right now on Sellout! Music.

Stream: Snasen, Failing Upwards EP

Stream Snasen's Failing Upwards EP