Behind The Scenes: Highland’s First New York Fashion Week Show

If the New York Fashion Week parade of six-foot tall models and high heels can often feel too intimidating to relate to, Lizzie Owens of Highland makes fashion for the rest of us. Her collections of super-stylish, stoner-dude menswear are so low-key—it took Owens seven seasons to do a NYFW presentation, but when she finally got one together just a few weeks ago, it was in form of a weed den/basement at a gallery on the West Side of Manhattan, where the models in her fall collection could play video games and engage in other recreational activities. She also got a bunch of her friends involved, with styling from Rich Aybar and production assistance from Kevin Amato and Haley Wollens. We tracked her during the run-up to see what it takes to put together the coolest fashion show in town.

For more on Lizzie Owens and Highland, revisit our 2011 feature from the magazine.

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