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Hervé’s The Art of Disappearing is feather-light. It’s an album that specializes in shaping loose tones and soft synths into songs with serious backbone. With the help of a few notable guests (Maria Minerva, Niki and the Dove, Austra), Hervé creates a pillowy backdrop that weaves together wobbly British library music, ’70s sci-fi keys and a hushed but sometimes unsettling tone. It’s a late night album or an early morning album, great for easing you into or out of the day, though there are darker moments, too. “Mountains” stomps and chimes angrily, “Bears” explodes into a tense synth whine, and “Save Me,” his collaboration with Austra, is all gothic Transylvania organs and clipped handclaps. All told, The Art of Disappearing is an album that seems initially simple, though repeated listens expose new textures and subtle melodies just beneath the haze. The Art of Disappearing is out March 4th on Cheap Thrills.

Stream: Hervé, The Art of Disappearing

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