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Stream Cankun's Album Culture of Pink

As Cankun, Vincent Caylet basically makes music that sounds like it was put together using an old sampler he found in a dumpster next to a pile of gritty dub records. This is in no way a bad thing, though. Culture of Pink is an album made up of rickety drums and streaks of guitar that is at once druggy and concise. Album opener "Agave Sticks" (that name, combined with the album cover up above probably gives you a good idea of the vibe Caylet is going for here) is built on layered loops that pulse and crunch brightly; listening to it, it's like you might as well be staring directly at the sun, and that mood is carried through the whole record. It's a great album to listen to on the beach, if your beach actually happens to be a strip of sand in the middle of a smoggy intersection. Cankun's Culture of Pink is out March 5th on Hands in the Dark Records.

Stream: Cankun, Culture of Pink

Stream Cankun's Album Culture of Pink