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Video: Natasha Kmeto, "Dirty Mind Melt"

High heels, dark sunglasses and long corridor beds feel like ingredients of mystery in this Miko Revezera-directed video for "Dirty Mind Melt," the title track from Portland singer and producer Natasha Kmeto's new 4-track EP. Though we never quite figure out what's going on, all the opening and closing doors and images of women sitting idly on crumpled beds adds up to a feeling of being trapped inside a derelict apartment building full of lonely, waiting souls. Hence the deep melancholy of the pitched-up vocals, which pivot around the lyrics had a dream about you/there's this thing about you/can't go on without you , and pretty much speak for themselves. Dirty Mind Melt is out now via Pacific Northwest label Dropping Gems.

Video: Natasha Kmeto, "Dirty Mind Melt"