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Stream: Quicksails, "Institute's Innards"


There's something rough and almost primitive about Quicksails' "Institute's Innards." It might be the way the drums sound like almost like a broom scratching on the ground, or the way the track turns from choppy piano and rounded keys to something slower and significantly more relaxed. Or maybe it's just all those retro laser sounds zapping around the track, like someone was trying to recreate free jazz by sampling Star Wars or something. It's tempting to say that "Institute's Innards" is pretty, but that's not quite it. It isn't ugly, either—just dense and free. Mayville Dream is out on Spectrum Spools April 16th.

Stream: Quicksails, "Institute's Innards"

Posted: February 27, 2013
Stream: Quicksails, "Institute's Innards"