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Stream M.I.A.'s MATANGI Mix for Kenzo

A short precursor to her in-the-works album, M.I.A.'s nine-minute MATANGI mix soundtracked Kenzo's women's Fall/Winter 2013 fashion show this morning at La Samaritaine, in Paris. Mostly instrumental, featuring a number of wild and as-yet-unidentified samples—love to know where the one with a guy singing dalalir dalala comes from—the dense mix's second half features a few new M.I.A. verses, including these gems: I'm thankful for my body because it's a fuckin banger/ I'm thankful for my mouth because it's a real screamer and Do you like my perfume? Made it at home with some gasoline and shrooms/… Why's your tattoo some ugly looking thing?

Stream: M.I.A.'s MATANGI Mix for Kenzo

Stream M.I.A.'s MATANGI Mix for Kenzo