Stream: Beyoncé, “Bow Down/I Been On”


Queen Bey has risen from her slumber to set shit straight on “Bow Down/I Been On,” a double track whose first half was produced by Hit-Boy. Beyoncé shouts out H-town and cocks her tiara on “Bow Down,” singing, I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife, which no one would dare think in the first place, despite the titling of her Mrs. Carter Show summer tour. The track then screws into the trap-opera “I Been On,” a menacing blip-fest produced by Sonny Digital, Polow da Don, Keyz and Timbaland, where Bey drops some bars over her own haunting harmonies and admits to sneaking UGK CDs when papa Knowles wasn’t watching. We can hear the BeyHive’s chorus of “YAAASS” from here.

Stream: Beyoncé, “Bow Down/I Been On”

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  1. vaughn says:

    So, shes no longer making the kind of music that proves shes the best female out.? shes just playing the game now . . smh THIS PROVES NOTHING

  2. vaughn says:

    So, shes no longer making the kind of music that proves shes the best female out.? shes just playing the game now . . smh THIS PROVES NOTHING

  3. B says:

    I think she just wanted to do something different and repped the sound she comes from while showing and talking why she’s the baddest entertainer(OG) now….imo she did her thing…she went slowed(Central Flordia Slowed down sounds)

  4. Z says:

    Really? This is terrible. She is the def the quean hood rat. Good Job Quean B.

  5. Questions says:

    So you guys are saying that lady gaga get to say outrageous things constantly and pour blood on her on stage but Beyonce can’t can’t do something different. I think the record shows a humorous side of beyonce just having fun in her craft. Everybody knows beyonce slays every song she does. This song is meant for her haters. So everybody just Cool your nachos.

  6. Naj says:

    Z, if you’re going to try to insult Bey at least spell QUEEN right! Now who’s the hoodrat? You may need to take it back to school.

  7. Darius. says:

    It’s not that she isn’t allowed to do whatever kind of music she wants. Just do it to the standards of which merits these ridiculous King/Queen B “Best In The Game” titles she labels herself. At least look like you understand the kind of music you’re doing or find a writer who does. “Don’t think I’m just his little wife…” I don’t think anyone thinks that about Beyonce. That line threw me lol What is she even talking about? And then I hear fans saying “it’s about haters” and others saying “it’s about other pop artist and her being the best.” It must be INSANE to think you have competition when the only competition you may actually have is Christina Aguilera and she’s not even competitive.

  8. Audrey says:

    @ “B”. NAH. Beyonce is from Houston where the “Chopped and Screwed” sound ORIGINATED from. NOT from Florida. Google “DJ Screw” and educate yourself.

    She’s repping for her city and paying homage to those that came before her in Houston, even though the style is totally different.

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  11. T.Wez says:

    This shit is whack as fuck.