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Daily Inspiration: Jason Molina

Ghost Tropic was the first Jason Molina record I ever heard. It's a bleak record. I saw him play around the time that came out. It was my second or third day of college and I got lost walking back on the way home and ended up in front of the White House in the middle of the night. I'll never forget that. A couple of years later driving a shitty red rental car in a snowstorm my friend played "Farewell Transmission," a much more fleshed out song from Molina. In the years since, that's gotten a lot more play than the spare, early Songs: Ohia songs I loved in high school. After hearing about his death, though, I went back to "Not Just a Ghost Heart," an old favorite. It's as stark, if not more so, than I remember. I checked in on "Lioness" and "Josephine," too but there's something appropriately dark and beautiful about the songs on Ghost Tropic. Others know his work much better than I do, and I'm sure will eulogize him with the power he deserves. For now, let this song speak for him. RIP.

Daily Inspiration: Jason Molina