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Lee Noble, "December" MP3


Last night, Canadian ambient composer Tim Hecker opened up for Sigur Rós at Madison Square Garden. This is not a normal-sized venue for Hecker, but it illustrates the similarities between the heavy drift of his music and the headliner's emotional bombast. Lee Noble is an artist who's been clawing his way from primordial drone to something approaching songs with actual structure— quieter versions of what both Hecker and Sigur Rós have been perfecting for the last decade, albeit a bit more rough-edged. On "December," the first single from his new album, his voice just barely rises above loose strumming and organ drone. It sounds almost religious. Ruiner, along with a reissue of Noble's No Becoming, are available for pre-order right now via Bathetic.

Download: Lee Noble, "December"

Lee Noble, "December" MP3