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Download MJMJ Records' Back in Business Vol. 2

2011's Back in Bizniss compilation was the first I heard from the LA cassette label MJMJ, a haven for DIY pop and "the dankest of danks." Since, they've classed up a bit, as evidenced by their second edition's correctly spelled title and their polo-shirt-ready new logo, and released a few great EPs. Vol. 2, a free download or $6.66 CD, is a nice glimpse at where they've been and what's to come, including a handful of peacefully back-floating tracks by Damacha, who has a new LP with Psymun out April 20th, three cuts from Wavves' brother/musical partner Kynan and a flittering remix medley from Jack Littman's recent EP. For a compilation it's got a great flow, like a nice 20-track-long waterslide straight into summer.

Download MJMJ Records' Back in Business Vol. 2