Live: Matt and Kim, B.o.B. and Santigold Make Boring Brilliant at vitaminwater brilliance #uncapped

Photographer Justin Kent
April 04, 2013

What do you get when you stuff one Wayans brother (Damien Dante Wayans, to be precise), three top notch musical acts (B.o.B., Matt & Kim, and Santigold), 300 folks thirsty for entertainment, and a few thousand bottles of vitaminwater into a huge sweat lodge of a building set in the woods outside of Portland? A little bit of steam and a whole lot of good times.

This not-so-humble little shindig was part of the new vitaminwater make boring brilliant campaign that aims to throw some excitement into those mundane moments of everyday life. And, there's no better place to start than in Boring, Oregon, a little burb situated about a half hour away from the bustle of Portland.

vitaminwater, FUSE TV and College Humor had already done their part to shake things up in this city of 8,000 people. The capper to this new venture: a brilliance #uncapped concert held at a campsite in the town. The large activity center at the camp underwent quite a transformation, turning from a plain wooden building into a bumping concert hall complete with a catwalk cutting through the middle of the room and a small platform where DJ Yung Skeeter shook the walls.

The sweaty crowd barely had time to catch their collective breath before Wayans introduced B.o.B. The Georgia rapper swung out onstage sporting acid wash overalls and a wicked smile, and ran through a breakneck set including his hit "Strange Clouds" and his duet with Taylor Swift, "One Of Us." Ms. Swift, sadly, was not in attendance but she was replaced ably by a pair of ladies in leather hot pants.

The heat onstage tripled by the time Matt and Kim ambled out, radiating huge grins and goofball energy. That's especially true of Kim who spent as much time dancing on top of her drum kit as she did sitting behind it. The duo from Brooklyn jammed their hits—their set-closing version of "Daylight" was particularly tasty—and plenty of surprising musical asides. A bit of Ludacris' "Move" here, a quick jab at The 45 King's "The 900 Number" there.

If anyone encapsulated the spirit of vitaminwater's make boring brilliant campaign, it was the artist known as Santigold. The Philly-born singer insisted to FADER before the show: "I don't get bored. That's a personality trait I have where I don't allow myself to get bored." Instead, Santi throws her restless spirit into her art, as evidenced by her headlining set. Her musicians were decked out in matching all-white outfits and her dancers managed to remain expressionless no matter how bonkers their moves were. And Santi only took us higher from there, bringing a pantomime horse onstage to dance just as she kicked into a rendition of her Major Lazer collaboration "Hold The Line." She invited 50 or so lucky fans onstage to dance while she ripped into "Creator" from her 2008 debut. The rest of the artists on the bill got wrapped up in the action as well, with B.o.B. and Matt and Kim joining Santi for a rousing collaborative rendition of "Big Mouth" that sent the residents of Boring back into the spring night.

See photos below, hit up FUSE TV to watch video of the whole night, then be on the lookout for more FADER and vitaminwater #uncapped events happening this summer.

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Live: Matt and Kim, B.o.B. and Santigold Make Boring Brilliant at vitaminwater brilliance #uncapped