Musicians to Follow on Vine


At this year’s FADER FORT, we had a lot of fun using Vine, Twitter’s newish app for sharing six-second-or-less video clips and montages. It’s growing in popularity but still pretty slowly, maybe because it’s harder to make yourself look polished and cool in a moving image than in a filtered, pick-the-best-of-the-bunch still photo. But if Vine gets in the hands of enough artists, the possibilities seem pretty great—backstage goof-offs, glimpses of early demos and the sort of unfiltered ephemera that make following Lil B on Twitter and Chief Keef on Instagram so engrossing. Among Vine’s brave early adopters, here are 15 musicians worth following. Tyler, the Creator, the seasoned sketch comedian who’s just launched a creative agency, is unsurprisingly an early master of the medium.

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