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Read Vena Cava's Latest Zine, 'Zina Cava

Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, the ladies behind Vena Cava, have released the third issue of their homemade magazine, 'Zina Cava. We first got our hands on the Vena Cava zine a couple seasons back in a Fashion Week goodie bag, where they waxed nostalgically about the '90s. This time around, they touch upon all things housekeeping-related, with pages sourced from friends and family. The zine features ultra-mod toilets, grungy bathrooms, dreamy interiors and even a Creole recipe for squirrel stew from Sophie's dad, Amos. Check out some of our favorite scans below, and browse the publication in its entirety on the Vena Cava Tumblr.

Read Vena Cava's Latest Zine, 'Zina Cava