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Diplowatch 2013 #2: Diplo Sold a Movie About Diplo

Just two days after our last mega-Diplowatch, the hair-swirl-embracer and Vine newbie has breaking news'd himself. Today, Diplo sold a movie based loosely around himself to 20th Century Fox. Deadline reports the studio has acquired the rights to make—which doesn't necessarily mean they will make—an unnamed, EDM-soundtracked feature for the emerging Spring Breakers market. The movie, said to be "8 Mile meets Project X in tone," will follow three kids as they make their way into a Diplo-helmed festival. Adam Weinstock and Andy Jones are signed on as writers. Trevor Engelson (Remember Me, All about Steve) will produce; Diplo and Kevin Kusatsu—Diplo's business partner in his film production company and "other stuff," according to a rep—will executive produce. "It's like Eminem and Christopher Walken at a Manchester rave," Kusatsu said in an email. Hopefully Riff Raff will have at least a bit part. Previously, Diplo directed a documentary feature about Rio's funk carioca scene, Favela On Blast. Made in 2008, it was released on DVD in 2010.

Diplowatch 2013 #2: Diplo Sold a Movie About Diplo