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Stream: ADULT., "Tonight We Fall"


If you haven't heard the name ADULT. for a good while, it's probably because the Detroit synth-pop duo has been on an extended hiatus from music since around the time being an indie kid meant sporting an asymmetrical black hair cut. Since completing their last album, 2007's Why Bother, Adam Miller and Nicola Kupera have been focusing on visual art, even completing a trilogy of films, in 2010, called the Three Grace(s) Triptych. Recently, though, they went back into the studio to record two new songs, and ended up tapping enough stored-up inspiration come home with a full album. "Tonight We Fall" is the infectious, deftly textural second single from The Way Things Fall, which is out May 14th via Ghostly International.

Stream: Adult, "Tonight We Fall"

Stream: ADULT., "Tonight We Fall"