Showroom Visit: London Designers

April 17, 2013

London is the place to be right now in the fashion world—just check out how popping the reemergence of streetwear is in the UK. So it was awfully nice and quite convenient for a few of the city's key players to take a trip west and set up shop in New York, as they did this week as part of the British Fashion Council's London Showrooms initiative. Like the coolest traveling circus in fashion, some of our faves, including Nasir Mazhar, Martine Rose and Shaun Samson, unloaded their trunks in a showroom in the West Village, and we did a spin. Check out some of our pictures below.

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Nasir Mazhar

Simone Rocha

Martine Rose

Thomas Tait

Agi & Sam

Matthew Miller

Showroom Visit: London Designers