Video: Wolf Eyes, "Choking Flys"

In this video for "Choking Flys," decades-spanning Michigan hypnotists Wolf Eyes take us on a car ride through some of the chillier vistas of urban American life, cellphone camera-ing their way through a wintry landscape where the use of a chainsaw to fell a tree, a cloud of black car exhaust and the creepy looking clown logo on the outside wall of a pizza parlor/gas station feel like reminders of our own mortality. From the way Nate Young describes it, though, it's a video about survival: "It's is a survey of sorts," he told us via email. "We heat our rehearsal space with a wood stove. The video is shot in our neighborhood in Detroit. It's a day in our lives...Cutting down dead trees helps us heat our space and helps prevent them falling on homeless dogs and people." Appropriately (for the visuals and for Wolf Eyes), this cut from the band's No Answer : Lower Floors LP lurches and spits along like an undead zombie, striking an engrossing balance between tension-building and release with a stark but theatrical palette of grinding bass tones, mechanical pounding and screaming synths. No Answer: Lower Floors is out now via De Stijl.

April 17 - NL, Arnhem @ Willemeen
April 18 - BE, Antwerp @ Trix, w/ The Soft Moon
April 19 - DE, Bremen @ Friese
April 20 - CH, Neuchatel @ Queen Kong Club
April 21 - CH, Geneva @ L'Usine
April 22 - BE, Brussels @ Magasin4
April 23 - UK, London @ Corsica Studios
April 24 - PT, Lisbon @ ZDB
April 25 - DE, Berlin @ Festsaal
April 26 + 27 - FR, Paris @ Instant Chavires
April 28 - NL, Amsterdam @ OCCII, w/ Sightings

Video: Wolf Eyes, "Choking Flys"