Family Tree: Six Degrees of Grimes


Grimes lives out of a suitcase most days of the year, but being one of the most talked-about artists in music also makes you a full-time ambassador for your home town. Across musical collaborations with folks like Majical Cloudz and Doldrums and videos by directors like Evan Prosofsky and Emily Kai Bock, Claire Boucher has succeeded in channeling some of the spotlight back onto the particular pocket of the Montreal music community where she found her voice. Seeing as there are a lot of new names coming out of Canada right now, we thought it’d be a cool challenge to figure out how everyone’s connected, from Grimes to the sonically hybrid DIYers surrounding Montreal’s Arbutus Records, the weird music lynchpin that first realized Boucher was doing something special, and branching out from there. Somehow, the web extends as far as Mac DeMarco, Brooke Candy and tUnE-yArDs.

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