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Stream: Jagwar Ma, "Man I Need (White Label Version)"


Sydney duo Jagwar Ma just dropped a "white label version" of their very stadium-sized, mainstream britpop-inspired new anthem, "Man I Need." It's sort of ironic, because the white label is an extended, dancier edit of the cut that will be on the physical album. White label, here, seems to mean "internet only," but the metaphor is apt, as Liam Gallagher-cosmic, bravado-filled lines like exercise your chemistry are spun out across miles and miles of housey and post-punky rhythmic motifs. Check out the band's recent FADER mix, and look for their debut album, Howling, which is out June 10th via Marathon Artists.

Stream: Jaquar Ma, "Man I Need (White Label Version)"

Stream: Jagwar Ma, "Man I Need (White Label Version)"