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Interview: Nasir Mazhar

When I first saw the J.Lo-pink terry cloth track suit in Nasir Mazhar's debut full collection back in September, I figured it was a show piece: the kind of one-of-a-kind outfit a designer loves to make to show off their vision but that no one would ever really wear. So I was psyched when Mazhar himself turned up in the suit while visiting New York from London for a recent showcase of UK designers. That's just who he is—the brashest, funnest member of a generation of designers who make streetwear inspired by a time when hip-hop fashion had true point of view, and who isn't it afraid to take it there. As he put it when I profiled him as part of a long feature on the new London scene: "“To be able to pull off something like I make, you’re not gonna be a quiet little shy girl or boy. You got to be ballsy. But can you imagine Tupac wearing J Brand jeans?” He rolled by our office, in said pink terry cloth, and talked to us about where he gets his chutzpah.

Interview: Nasir Mazhar