FADER Mix: Slava

April 30, 2013

This is a great FADER mix. Following Slava's flutteringly percussive 2012 EP Soft Control, and an ensuing GEN F profile, he recently released his debut LP Raw Solutions, a hard-hitting record that sticks boldly tight to straight-up Chicago footwork. But this mix doesn't sound like it at all. It has got a surprising Reggaeton flavor, "kinda about Rihanna and how ubiquitous she is," Slava says. Tracklist is at the bottom—love the DJ Romano track and Slava's take on The-Dream—after a quick interview about the new EP, Slava's zipper fetish and making Russian blinis.

Download: Slava's FADER Mix

The album hits a lot harder than your EP. (I guess that's Soft vs. Raw…) Can you talk about that shift? The music I make is first and foremost a live experience and is informed by the type of event I am performing at. It has been more about big party-type situations, so the music has been getting more intense. The mixes are more dry, less airy and some songs are straight up abrasive. I considered whether it was totally appropriate to make a record like this, because some things that drive you crazy while you're dancing you don't necessarily want to listen to on headphones and vice versa. But I liked the idea of documenting a live club experience in such a way. Not all albums should be strictly headphone music.

Are you still doing visual and digital art too? Did you work on multimedia stuff for the album, besides the first music video? At the moment I'm excited about doing more music video projects. I just shot a new video for "Girl Like Me" with director Eugene Kotlyarenko in LA. This one is much more cinematic and classic, which I think works great with the song.

What's the story behind the album cover? Well… I have this zipper fetish… lol. It's about the nakedness underneath the nakedness. Stripping off the multiple layers of glossy facade. Perversion.

What do you like to cook and how do you make it? When I'm feeling fancy: caviar with blini (Russian crepe) and sour cream. When I'm feeling healthy: steamed kale, broccoli and spinach with a little bit of vinegar and olive oil :)

(intro) Zion y Lenox - Chupop
Niroc ft Kany Flow - Ando Activo
Rihanna - Cheers (Gregor Salto Remix)
Dj Romano ft. Maya e Gaucho - Simba Ue (DJ Leo Remix)
Voxis - I Just Wanna (DJ Allex Remix)
DJ Kent ft Malehloka - Fallin (Murlo Remix)
Beek - Face 2.0
DJ Leo - Olha Panico
Slava - Navigator
Lenkemz - Forcefieldz
Ellie Goulding - Lights (K-Duecez Jersey Club Remix)
Young Diamond - Your Body My Body
The Dream - Used to Be (Slava Remix)
Britney Spears - Toxic (B. Ames Remix)
Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko - Stay (Jurab MoombahStep Bootleg)
Chyno Nino - Bomboncito (Remixtended)(DJ Chinoer)(Pautada)
(outro) Zion y Lenox - Chupop

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FADER Mix: Slava