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Stream: Selebrities, "Temporary Touch"


On June 25th, Cascine will put out Lovely Things, a new album by Brooklyn four-piece Selebrities, and the first single is the sugar-dusted "Temporary Touch." The song, rendered with tender synths and spry New Wave production, seems well-suited for the final moments of a long-lost '80s romance flick, probably starring Ione Skye and Robert Downey Jr. as a mismatched teen couple clashing with disapproving friends, strict parents and an unforgiving world that just doesn't understand. You made me look in your eyes like they were mine first, Maria Usbeck sings with a crystalline longing that makes us wistful for a time when conventional, heart-swelling happy endings wouldn't be called passé.

Stream Selebrities, "Temporary Touch"

Stream: Selebrities, "Temporary Touch"