Staff Selects Playlist: Halle Berry Hallelujah

May 02, 2013

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, alongside GEN Fs from our archives and playlists for each issue. This week, it's Alex Frank on Halle Berry as a reference point in rap.

Thanks to Kendrick Lamar, Halle Berry/ Hallelujah has become a certified 21st-century call-out in the club anytime the DJ plays "Money Trees" (or "Fuckin' Problems," when he raps it again). But Lamar isn't the first to use the Oscar winners name in a song: she's been referenced as an iconic sex symbol in hip-hop lyrics since at least 1995 and probably before. We rounded up a few of our favorite shout-outs.

Staff Selects: Halle Berry Hallelujah

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Staff Selects Playlist: Halle Berry Hallelujah