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No One Looked Punk at the Met's Punk Gala


That's okay though! People that go to galas and use the word ballgown should never, ever even think about what punk is. In case you didn't know, there was this big party put on by Vogue to celebrate the Metropolitan Museum of Art's new exhibit about punk fashion, but only a few people even tried to look the part: Cara Deleveigne had spikes all over her dress, which was as good as it gets, Sarah Jessica Parker had on a ridic mohawk, which was as bad as it gets, Madonna dressed like a militant Bettie Page, which was as weird as it gets. Nicki Minaj looked like she was in a bad mood, which is sort of punk. And Miley did spikey hair and mesh. But most people were just the opposite of punk. Beyonce looked like royalty. Solange wore a pretty Kenzo dress slit to the thigh. Anna Wintour wore Chanel with flowers all over it. Kimye showed up in Givenchy. Even Chloe Sevigny, who used to be actually pretty punk, was dressed like Zsa Zsa Gabor. And this is how celebrities should dress. It's seriously fine—they're rich and they spent all day getting their hair did and nails did and whatever, and that's exactly how they should look. Someone could have invited Rihanna though. She's kind of punk IRL.

(photos via Vogue, The Cut)

No One Looked Punk at the Met's Punk Gala