The “Hot Cheetos & Takis” Kids Have Two New Songs


Minneapolis’ Nellie Stone Johnson Beacons Center and its Beats and Rhymes after-school program are back, with a new video from each of its two tween groups: The NSJ Crew (all boys) and Y.N.RichKids (previously “Hot Cheetos & Takis,” girls and boys). I prefer Y.N.RichKids’ “My Bike,” with its sleepy woodwind loop and ride to Target, to “Khaki Dance,” The NSJ Crew’s riff on school uniforms, but they’re both great. Doesn’t seem like all of last year’s Y.N.RichKids, who reportedly didn’t profit much from their video’s 6 million views, are still in the group. Thankfully, though, the “polarizing” little Mystikal who did the fifth verse on “Takis” is definitely back. In the “My Bike” video, he wears swim goggles and three different pieces of Angry Birds clothing.

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  1. Truth says:

    @BHughesStudios kickin it again w/ the vid. Did y’all notice Slug from Atmosphere in the “My Bike” vid?

  2. Vince Vega says:

    I did!!! and I’m Diggin the two tracks!!! Very Dope!!! I like this also…

  3. mikkaekka says:

    All of the kids that were in hot cheetos and takis are there plus one in the my bike video but not all are in khaki pants